Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in New Uniformity, an online consignment service for Navy military uniforms.

New Uniformity is here to help Sailors make the most of their uniforms and uniform allowance by providing an exchange service to meet the growing trend toward reuse and renewal. At New Uniformity, we help facilitate the sale of a wide range of new and gently used uniform items that are offered to Sailors by Sailors. Whether you need to empty your closet of those items that are in excellent shape to earn some money in the process, or need to make your uniform allowance stretch a little further this year, New Uniformity is here to make that possible.

We hope to make your experience a pleasant one. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions. Please email us if you have any other questions, comments or suggestions.

Q: Who started New Uniformity?

A: New Uniformity was founded in 2011 by LCDR(Ret) Ken Alexander, a former Chief Yeoman, Enlisted Submariner, Aviation Warfare Specialist, Navy SCUBA Diver, Naval Flight Officer, and former Executive Officer of the Transient Personnel Unit Puget Sound. With more than 26 years of service in the Navy and a pile of extra uniforms and devices, he realized that he should start a company to find a home for the uniforms he could no longer use (and that his wife would not let him keep).

Q: Will New Uniformity ever sell or disclose my email or personal information.

A: Never. Ever. We hate that!

Q: How do I buy Navy uniform items from New Uniformity?

A: We are in the process of building our inventory and creating a website that will allow our customers to see and purchase available items. In the meantime, we will be using inventory lists of available items using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or plain text in an email directly to you. So, please ask if we have it. If not, we will put you on our waiting list and email you when we get it to see if you are still interested.

Q: How long will it take to get my uniforms after I order them?

A: Orders are shipped within two business days using USPS Priority Mail. Because New Uniformity uses this method, even Sailors at FPO and APO addresses can benefit from New Uniformity.

Q: How do I consign my Navy uniforms?

A: Read and sign the New Uniformity Consignment Agreement. Include the original agreement and your uniform items and mail it all to New Uniformity, 330 N Callow Ave., Bremerton, WA 98312. We will do the rest!

Q: What condition do my uniforms need to be in to sell them?

A: The better the condition, the faster that your uniforms are likely to be sold. Our rating system includes the following categories: New, Excellent, Very Good, and Good. We will not consign uniforms that do not meet our quality standards.

Q: How do I know what condition my uniforms are in?

A: Uniforms are rated using the following sales criteria: New – Uniform item is flawless. Item is still in package or has original tags attached. Item has no marks, damage, holes or wear. Excellent – Item is not in package or does not have tags but is flawless or has very minor flaws that are not easily identifiable even under very close scrutiny. Item could be used as an inspection uniform item. Item has no marks, damage, holes, or wear. Very Good – Item has minor flaws that can not be easily seen. Item has no marks, only very minor damage, no holes, visible marks, or visible wear in exposed areas that might be seen during close scrutiny. Good – Item has minor flaws that can be seen but are passable for day-to-day use (not inspection ready). Very minor holes in areas that are normally covered up (i.e. collar device areas). Item has marks that can be easily overlooked and are not obvious to the casual observer. Item has no visible wear-marks in exposed areas that might be seen by the casual observer.

Q: What if I'm not sure if my uniform meets New Uniformity's high quality standards for consignment?

A: You can take a digital picture of the item in question and email it to us for evaluation. You can also send it to New Uniformity as a consignment and it will be sold if possible. If your item cannot be sold, we will donate it on your behalf to the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program.

Q: What if my merchandise doesn't sell?

A: New Uniformity will display or list (as appropriate) consigned items for a maximum of 12 months, unless the item is retired and no longer used by the Department of Defense. After an item has been listed for six months, it will be reduced in price by 25%. If the items have not sold in the allotted 12 months or by the date of retirement, the item will be donated to the NJROTC program on the consigner's behalf.

Q: When will I receive my money for items I have sold?

A: On the 15th of the month following the sale of items and the collection of funds, checks will be generated for consigners that have a credit in their account.

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