Uniform Consignment

New Uniformity is dedicated to helping you find new life for your uniforms.

What to expect: Completing this form sends us a list of your uniforms and generates a printable pack list for you to use with your shipment. Once we receive and review your items, we will be on our way to finding Sailors who want to buy your items."

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We are only accepting NAVY Uniforms at this time
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Add Items - Select Descriptions Please Note: We only accept current-issue items. Quantity Condition ?
Uniform item is flawless. Item is still in package or has original tags attached. Item has no marks, damage, holes or wear.
Item is not in package or does not have tags but is flawless or has very minor flaws that are not easily identifiable even under very close scrutiny. Item could be used as an inspection uniform item. Item has no marks, damage, holes, or wear.
Very Good
Item has minor flaws that can not be easily seen. Item has no marks, only very minor damage, no holes, visible marks, or visible wear in exposed areas that might be seen during close scrutiny.
Item has minor flaws that can be seen but are passable for day-to-day use (not inspection ready). Very minor holes in areas that are normally covered up (i.e. collar device areas). Item has marks that can be easily overlooked and are not obvious to the casual observer. Item has no visible wear-marks in exposed areas that might be seen by the casual observer.
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+ Add Another Item For your convenience, frequently consigned items prepopulate our description list. If your item isn't presented, our system will accept whatever description you enter.

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The consignee agreement provides options on how we will handle your consignment items when the consignment period ends. Items can be returned to you via pick up at NU location, shipped back to you, or donated.

  • Returned to you
  • Donated to New Uniformity*
  • Donated to charity on your behalf**
  * Donated items help New Uniformity defray the overall costs of our inventory allowing us to offer items for sale at even more reduced prices.
** Organizations that we donate to, are at our discretion and are subject to change. Current donation beneficiaries: Navy League of the United States
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